Shuttlebus charter service

Welcome to,
we provide charter buses when you need to move people within 100km from Helsinki.
Our “normal city buses” give you seats up to over 50pax and some 30pax can stand if the transfer is short.

We have a great knowledge of charter bus services:

1. Shuttle bus service for cruise ships
2. Huge concerts, on how getting people to the concert area and out of there
after the show
3. Sport events with many people going from and to the hotel from and to the
places that sports take place

Also in a little smaller picture:
4. Wedding transfers church- afterparty- middle of the night home deliveries
5. Birthdays and bachelor parties when you start somewhere, move to many places during the day and end up home after a long celebration

And let´s not forget these:
6. Airport pickup and transfer to hotel
7. Transfers from all of Helsinki harbours
8. Trade shows
9. Ice Hockey game with your own fans in your own bus
10. Company Christmas parties etc.

You name it, we´ll make it!